Invest in lawsuits

Support your community and earn returns on this new asset class.

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Why Litigation Financing?

Democratizing justice

With access to non recourse funding, more litigants can get merit-based financial support to get their claims heard.

High yield asset class

Litigation finance is an asset class that has historically yielded 25%+ IRR, but has been sectioned away from the public.

Back your beliefs

Invest in causes and litigation surrounding issues you feel strongly about, and partake in their success.

Reduce and underwrite risk

Leginar also offers law firms and plaintiffs to get an advance on their cash flow, thereby underwriting risk.

Increase odds of better outcomes

With access to non recourse funding and capital, it is possible for plaintiffs and law firms to access better resources for the litigation.

Control costs

Access to capital also enables both the plaintiffs and law firms to set a cap on their downside and control the capital spent on resources.

Browse through a variety of offerings on the platform

Leginar lets people invest in specific lawsuits and portfolios of litigation finance funds

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Invest in, follow and keep track of causes and cases you support

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Providing law firms and plaintiffs with eaily accessible working capital

Never deal with third parties again. Leginar builds working capital directly into you firm's financial stack, so you can always us right when you need it.

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Cutting edge analytics powered by Leginar Cloud

Leginar's data layer allows you to underwrite the value of cases in-house, and have a better understanding of the cost of your decisions.

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Tap into a novel asset class with Leginar

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